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"Creations sucks"


Me expressing how I felt about the direction of the brand I had put a lot of my energy into. I want to do more, delve into producing differing material both audio and visual. But there seems to be so many barriers and steps making this more difficult. Heading forward from this capsule I want to focus mainly on quality improvements ideally moving towards my first cut and sew product next year.

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To get to the point I'm no where near where I want to be with creations. The aim of it is the same, to make material that's inspired by what's around me. The aim for my most recent project was to make the best possible black and white printed tee I can with my current resources. I was naive and through a series of events the tees were not up to the standard I had imagined. A joke title had become a reality. From here I decided to rework the tees (bleaching,dying and stitching) bringing to the two part release coming shortly.

creations sucks.jpg
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