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Tola - Designer


Tola was born in West London, and moved to Bournemouth to do events in the local nightclubs. He worked hard on improving his creative skills, and through beginning to work closely with graphic designers and artists for his events he began dabbling in fashion, photography & modelling; through this Camadye was born.

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With a unique vision and style, concepts and products may vary however the main objective of providing exclusive and functional products is constant. There is a mixture of products offered each season typically consisting of clothing, accessories and ready-made goods which furthers the brand's lifestyle appeal. The products are manufactured in the UK with a core value that the best available materials are used throughout production.

He has a very open creative mind and is motivated by things that stand out and are different from the norm. He generally prefers to invest his time in locally owned brands and music established by young creatives such as himself, as he feels a sense of connection to these brands. Tola recently moved back to London after five years in Bournemouth in order to be closer to the creative scene and opportunities in the city.

Camadye is Tola and Tola is Camadye 

Camadye™ is a lifestyle brand that offers products designed for exploration.

He is currently working on the next collection of clothing for Camadye. We will have the latest updates when it comes out.

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