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Songwriter / Musician

Inside the lofi hip hop community I've been doing work and making music under two of my three alter egos, Jiovani and Jemndi, Jio being the chilled lofi rapper and Jemndi being his twisted counterpart. 


My third alter ego is Rield Wight, who is at the moment completley seperate to the lofi stuff i've been doing. 

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Rield Red.jpg
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Rield Wight is a familiar but fresh sound from a new genre of music I've curated called Uk Skihprok, a combination of Ska, Indie, Hip Hop and Rock influenced music.

My band and I have been working on our debut project ¿ZunnaBoot?. It's 8 songs deep and we plan to drop it by the end of January 2019. I've leaked two demos on soundcloud for the moment whilst we're doing some gigs and building our fanbase.

Jiovanni Jemndi

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