ProfessC - Poet / Musician

I have an admiration for words and the use of language. I see rap music as a modern form of poetry. I can be anywhere, doing anything when I start writing. Usually my bars reflect a time period in my life, what i’ve been thinking about or going through at the time. I could write twice a month or 3 times a week. Music is a way of collating my thoughts. 

I feel that music can be one of the best ways to represent your mental state. You essentially have free roam to speak, uninterrupted, for a certain time and people will listen to you. There’s endless ways to approach it. Each individual brings a mood to a song which people relate to or not. It’s a great way to express yourself but also quite personal, that’s why I wanted to wait before I put anything out so that had the lyrical ability to come across how I’d like to.

I take commissions for poetry. I have written many for friends and for a variety of work. I will write a poem or a body of text for anything if I am given enough backstory and information on the themes you are looking for. There are no boundaries to what kind of writing it could be. Usually I prefer to be sent a mood board, with images, notes etc but on the flip side I could work with a title alone.

Impatient waiting 

                         for goals and aspirations 

                                                            we're born blind make your eyes and ears awaken


you’re not a blip on the timeline trying to make a statement

I'm persuading you

to perceive

this pitiful


that we're creating

if the devil loves evil why would sinners be punished by satan?

if you're happy why do you wait on likes and notifications?

if this world is meant to be free why does is seem as though we're slaves to corporations?


day to day we’re waiting

or being distracted

but the fact is 

it feels like nothing is real I see actors

                                                  all acting like we're doing well but not really impacting this world 

                                                                                                        that we’re getting

more and more

packed in 

yet we have people

sitting on a throne watching clones that have become one with their telephones


in secrecy it’s been building

this system that’s been put in place

we’re living in an age where technology’s replaces faith

and allowed for new ways to control or to keep us caged

when the higher powers can print money and we think that things will change then we’ve only got ourselves to blame.

how can 1 man be worth 78 bill when a quarter of a mill in England alone don’t have a home or can afford a meal 

what kind of government allows this or for you to touch the steel to take drugs and kill they don’t care how much blood is spilled


but I do and so does Luke

we want you to understand that the kingdom of god is within man (Luke 17:21)

                                                                             not in one man or two but in all men in you

                                                                                                                              we’re all one but we’re fooled

these fake guys try to feed you lies about what’s in the skies or try to cloud what happens when you die 

so use real eyes and start to realise

the superficiality in reality

spread the truth when others cannot see

death is smiling at us all with purposeful empathy

have a legacy that's timelessly imprinted on history

can you stay alive but happily live without integrity...


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