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Terry Barber On Beauty

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Terry Barber On Beauty

With the rising demand of make-up artists in all business spheres and aspects, especially within the fashion and film industries, artists are now becoming more and more unconventional in terms of their approach to the matter.

Terry Barber is currently producing a series of make-up looks juxtaposed with raw London photography, titled: “Brexit Beauty”. He explores mundane scenes which most of us are accustomed to and re-purposes them for inspiration. For example plastic or styrofoam containers which we have accommodated into everyday throw-away culture. Similarly, big cities are 'grimey' enough to allow for dirt, mould and residue build-up which Terry successfully manages to take direct inspiration from.

He plays with many ideas which are strongly rooted in contemporary British culture such as tea bags, rain and mould, corner shops and last but not least the classic chicken shop. Our standard of beauty has developed into a more widely encompassing concept, where beauty itself is as subjective as ever and make-up art has a deserving place to express that diversity and inclusivity through a familiar medium.

"I gravitated to hanging out with girls who were complete outlaws, smoking in car parks and smuggling Vodka on school trips; bunking off school to try on dirty testers in Boots and getting eye infections. My early beauty memories are that girl with the cheap bronzer, punk eyeliner and a crusty pink frosted lip. She’s probably my target audience, even now. She’s just more grown up." as featured in Dazed Beauty.

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