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languid looms. - Musician

not much is known about languid looms.

some consider him an abstract rapper; others an anomaly; some will never hear of his work or his name.

and that's fine.

a long time member of the lo fi hip hop community looms. is an an artist that focuses on the the marriage of poetics and his off kilter observations of the world around him. holding over a million collective plays online and opening stages for hip hop artists such as Akil the MC from Jurassic 5 its clear that looms.' small body of work is already impressing listeners around the world.

currently working on his debut solo project titled 'mar' looms. spends his days writing furiously in his home. with him refusing interviews on a regular basis and having next to no images of himself online looms. seems to relish being out of the spotlight.

along with the rest of the lo-hop collective (founded between himself and lifelong friend / collaborator estr) looms. stands to be one of the most unique writers in the UK.


This book details the growing culture of lo fi hip hop around the south of Britain.

culture grows and consumes us before our own eyes; be them fixed to screens or skyscrapers. in an age where connection isn't bound to locality, the like minded, across the world can now seemingly intersect, intertwine and birth entire worlds of their own.

lo-fi hip hop is an emerging sub genre of hip hop that's a product of exactly that. paying homage to all that is before us; analogue equipment, dusty samples and vinyl crackle are all synonymous with its sound and aesthetic. born in the depths of the internet; and bred in the belly of Soundcloud, this book specifically details how this unique community is taking its own shape in the physical.

A series of exclusive interviews and photographs with pioneers of the Uk based lo-fi world are kept within these pages; manifesting as the first ever documentation of lo-fi hip hop as a community and musical culture.

i sincerely hope this body of work sheds light on the culture that has brought my own music out of the dark

kind regards, 

languid looms.

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