JORDAN - Motion Graphics Designer

With a BA in Graphic Design from Southampton University, Jordan is a motion designer and visual artist from the south coast of England. He began his 4D journey while doing a project at university, ‘Visualising Audio’. Jordan started following artists becoming so inspired to do it himself that he self-taught his way to the level he is today. He worked everyday, the completed a Masters in editing and Motion graphics. His tutor acted as a mentor teaching him many tips and tricks. 

Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 23.png

He continued working and experimenting till eventually he started getting noticed receiving more and more commissions. Now, he has worked with people from around the world and has become international. He has worked on a video with Evie, the theme is 'blue', and was filmed in Amsterdam. He worked on a music video with Sophie, who he found through Spotify. She is a musician from LA, who has even been featured on Complex. Jordan has a soft aesthetic using many soft pink and blue colours, in his work.

Jordan believes that all work should be original and not a response to 3D trends or copying. His process usually begins with obsessively listening to music, then being inspired and producing. Jordan is a strong believer that creatives should experiment and keep trying out different things. In order to succeed creative people need to reach out.