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Artist, Director, Producer, Dancer, Musician

Izaak Brandt is a multi disciplinary artist working across sculpture, moving image, dance, music and fashion. Brandt is the Director and owner of IHB Films; a production company providing videography for new music talent. He is the Producer at Brkn' Nest; an arts collective working between South Korea and the UK and is a member of Soul Mavericks; the UK's most prestigious Bboy (Breakdance) company.


Brandt has been featured in Dazed Magazine as one of six British Artists pushing Street Culture forward in the UK.


As Izaak is a breakdancer himself, he takes stills from his own dances and creates sculptures from them. The material is laser cut then reassembled by hand.

Raised in Bristol, England, Izaak is a young creative currently living in London, specialising in Digital Technologies. Izaak has built up a skill set in photography, video editing, videography, marketing, music production and creative direction, whilst continuing to build further foundations in other creative industries. 

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