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IVAN - Graphic Designer / Musician

Ivan Tride is a 3D VFX artist based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His unique style and passion about the future of technology led him to exploration of experimental art and he is the first one to introduce high quality 3D visual effects to bulgarian commercial music video industry.

Except his work with clients, he recently finished his last personal project, which definitely deserves the future-curious viewers attention. It's a song about the AI virtual assistants of the near future, which combines video, music and VR experience. 

I find myself often thinking of the future that awaits us. As virtual assistants are about to become more and more involved in our lives, it kinda naturally came to me to create a song for this. We gotta be ready for a relationship with AI beings. Lurking in our personal space, I'm sure they'll do anything to get under our skin and convert us to obedient consumers. That's why we gotta develop defensive attitude and this project is my way of presenting it.

Along with the naked virtual assistant, I also added Tom and Jerry as they were the very first and favourite fictional characters to teach us of emotional intelligence in our childhood.

Without saying a single word, they are the perfect personification of all basic emotions. 

Seeing them together with the virtual assistant is like creating a bridge between past and present digital characters.

To simulate the interaction in virtual reality as if it was really in the future, me and my friend Alexander Skerlev created a custom scene in Unreal Engine 4, in order to be able to screencapture original footage of me doing my part for the video.

The project was premiered at my birthday party in October 2018 and all of the guests had the opportunity to enter and interact with the assistant and the environment of the song in VR. 

Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 02.46.04.png
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