Artist / Musician

My practice began with a base interest in mechanical processes, from which stemmed thoughts and ideas about how such functions and actions could be used visually, and metaphorically, to represent natural occurrences. I first began this project by using digital mediums to create collages of text and image, focussing primarily on the visual juxtapositions created by material that was obviously human with that of mechanical structure. My early ideas often referred back to artists of the Dada movement such as Hannah Hoch and Max Ernst – what grabbed my attention to their work was the way in which they used photomontage to create forms combined of various elements (both human and mechanical).

For some time, my practice was focussed around text and image collage, but after watching films such as Metropolis (1927) I became interested by the motion of mechanisms and how my initial ideas could be translated into moving image. With this I began writing for a short film/video collage that would depict a woman giving birth whilst simultaneously depicting something being manufactured mechanically. I was then introduced to the theory of cybernetics and the writings of Norbert Weiner, whose theories on systems have really influenced the direction and philosophy of my work and have really allowed me to develop my initial idea into something that explores different systems and operations on a more philosophical and semantic level. This has enabled me to explore deeper into theories on why the mechanical world is so intrinsic to human nature.


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