BILLER - Musician

Nigerian, raised in London. I used to freestyle with people on the streets but hip hop wasn't actually what I listened to at the time. I was on youtube and I made fan movie trailers so I listened to a lot of game/movie soundtracks. It was in college I mainly started getting into rap, Elias Knight showed me Logic and Travis Scott. Around that time 'Trapsoul' by Bryson Tiller came out too. After listening to 'Under Pressure' and 'Logic' it was then that I knew I wanted to get into music properly. 


The EP 'Threshold' itself is about me expressing my frustration with the current hip-hop industry and people in general, it seems they pick stupidity before talent. I see people on worldstar smashing up stores and calling it comedy. I see girls like Danielle Bregoli glorified and allowed a career in the music industry. I see so many people come into the rap industry and just spit out the same flows and lyrics without bringing anything new to the culture then they sh*t on the industry that got them to that place they are. 

When it comes to my music, people try to tell me how to act, what to say and what lyrics I should and shouldn't write. Then when I do things the way I want to and it works, then they ask how I did it? I picked the title 'Threshold' to symbolise the gap between me keeping the peace whereby holding that frustration in, on the contrary to that the other side being unfiltered and letting everything loose. In over words, I'm running out of patience with people. I guess the EP is an emotional release of anger. 

"I love music and I love what it allows me to do, it's like therapy for me."

I've always enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh or smile, now I can help them dance or cry too. My goal isn't to build a fanbase but to build a community to help inspire people through doing what I love, which is music. If I was to describe my sound it would be intense yet harmonious.


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