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DEMO AKURO - Musician

Nigerian, raised in London. It all started on YouTube, the platform where I discovered my love for arts and entertainment, my love for music. I made fan movie trailers etc, so I mainly listened to a lot of game/movie soundtracks at the time. I did listen to a lot of hip hop artists throughout my childhood, but it was in college that I really started developing a passion for music. I discovered Travis Scott, Logic, & Bryson Tiller.  Through their music, I knew this was something I wanted to put my all into.


DEMO is short for my middle name Ademola, a Yoruba given name meaning king/crown/royalty and wealth. AKURO is the name of the wolf I embody. KURO means black in Japanese, my favorite color.


RENEGADE WOLF… I am renegade to my older self and strive to be a better person than I was the week before.


I would describe my sound generally as oriental, melodic & intense. I’ve always had a deep love for Japanese culture from a very young age and I want to do my best to respect and represent the culture to the best of my ability.

“I love music and I love what it allows me to do, it’s like therapy to me”

I want to move the world with my music. Make them smile, make them dance, make them walk a little more confidently and make them cry. My goal is to inspire people through my music and to make a living off doing what I love to do…what I’m good at, creating.

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